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    In Latin 'Creo' means to create & in Spanish it means to believe.
    'Creo' encompasses everything that I am as an artist & I couldn't think of a better or more fitting title for my business.
    We are located in the heart of Vancouver, WA but often venture to Portland, Seattle, and the beach.
    My husband joins me for most sessions & forewarning- your kids will love his goofiness as much I do!
    I'm the photographer and he's the muscle.
    The light right before sunset is perfection & the golden creamy tones it adds to photographs is amazing.
    I will probably ask you to tickle your kids, whisper something sweet but funny into your loved one's ear, or proudly display that gorgeous 7 month baby bump during our time together.
    In the summer of 2012 I lost most of vision due to IIH and through the grace of god and a fantastic surgeon in Portland, I regained most of it.
    Unfortunately, my peripheral vision never returned, so now it's super easy to sneak up on me (;
    I started photographing with a 35mm minolta film camera 9 years ago taking portraits of family. I still prefer to use a film camera today- there's nothing better then developing your own film and prints in a peaceful darkroom!
    I am totally blessed that I get to call this my "job" as cliche as it sounds.
    I absolutely love working with my clients and creating beautiful lasting memories for their families for generations to come.

    Thanks for stopping by! Take a look around and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    -Kaitlynn & Matt Marquis

{1,500 Fan Giveaway}

1500 fans-giveaway

We just recently hit 1,500 fans on our facebook page and we are so grateful for your continual support! We absolutely love creating with our clients and bringing them treasured gifts that last generations.

To extend our gratitude we’re giving away 3 different things so THREE people can win!

One Mini Session

$25 giftcard to Etsy

(I love supporting other small businesses and most of my online shopping is done through Etsy! Here’s a list of my favorite shops: Etsy)

$25 print credit for past or future session

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me! Mini session and print credit winners have to be local or willing to travel to Vancouver, WA.

Good luck and thank you again for your support!


Audra M.

Kristin L.

Autumn S.

Heather Jones - I would l love to win!

Kristin Ladd - I’d love any of the prizes! We need an updated family photo (but we are not local…so…), we are remodeling our master and need some ETSY decor, and I LOVE to buy PRINTS from our sessions!!

Whitney - Haven’t had family pics in 2 years all ready!

Autumn - Absolutely love her photos. She tells the many beautiful stories of life and captures the moments.

Angie Avery - It would be fun to have some family pics after the new baby arrives :)

Amber Messick - Amazing and talented photographer with a passion to capture beautiful moments. We would love to work with you again.

Lisa Bailey Brandow - Fun giveaway!

Katie Gray - Love your pictures!!

Amy Chan - Loved having you in Zihuatanejo with us! But we’re done with the formal shots…would love to do a fun and really creative session with you!

Autumn Schultz - Love this place! Chandler’s beautiful senior pictures by CREO!

Alison Cook - Would love to have some pictures of my family of four (never had any with my littlest)…and your pictures are amazing!

Baylee Brown - I would love to win an Etsy gift card! :)

Cheryl Ayers-Steen - Family pictures for Xmas cards or a fun piece of jewelry from etsy :)

Sara Whatley - You’re very talented. I really enjoy your work.

Audra Morrison - Would love to win a mini session for my cute little baby :)

Maura Blackwell - Would love to win a mini session for family pictures! :)

Sara Pietila - I’d love to have a fall session with my gorgeous new husband :)

Jill O'Connor - This would be such a blessing in this season of chaos. I have been wanting to get some photos done since we got married but haven’t been able to set aside the money for it. I love, love, love the beautiful work you do, its just a reflection of the beauty you are. Incredibly blown away by the gift you have. I would love to opportunity to see you in action.

Hannah McFallo - Dustin and I would love to celebrate our love with some awesome fall pics! :)

Caitlin E - Because Kaitlynn is the best! And we’ve had one more baby since our last shoot :)

Kelsey Betts - I would use the session to have a girls day. In a world full of selfies it is such a delight to have someone else taking the shots to somewhat freeze in time this season of life (as well as catch up with a childhood friend.)

Sharon Caton - Signed up for our mini but would love another session for more pics of our little one.

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