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    In Latin 'Creo' means to create & in Spanish it means to believe.
    'Creo' encompasses everything that I am as an artist & I couldn't think of a better or more fitting title for my business.
    We are located in the heart of Vancouver, WA but often venture to Portland, Seattle, and the beach.
    My husband joins me for most sessions & forewarning- your kids will love his goofiness as much I do!
    I'm the photographer and he's the muscle.
    The light right before sunset is perfection & the golden creamy tones it adds to photographs is amazing.
    I will probably ask you to tickle your kids, whisper something sweet but funny into your loved one's ear, or proudly display that gorgeous 7 month baby bump during our time together.
    In the summer of 2012 I lost most of vision due to IIH and through the grace of god and a fantastic surgeon in Portland, I regained most of it.
    Unfortunately, my peripheral vision never returned, so now it's super easy to sneak up on me (;
    I started photographing with a 35mm minolta film camera 9 years ago taking portraits of family. I still prefer to use a film camera today- there's nothing better then developing your own film and prints in a peaceful darkroom!
    I am totally blessed that I get to call this my "job" as cliche as it sounds.
    I absolutely love working with my clients and creating beautiful lasting memories for their families for generations to come.

    Thanks for stopping by! Take a look around and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    -Kaitlynn & Matt Marquis

{3annies Audrey Lu Camera Bag Review}

This year has been busy & work is continuing to grow as spring blooms and sunshine moves in. With that being said, I’ve added some new products to my lineup including a Canon 5d Mark iii, the Audrey Lu camera bag from 3annies, and a new camera strap from Camera Straps Made with Love. This review is for camera bag and I’m in love! They recently had a sale & I was in the market for a new bag since Matt has been asking for something a little less teal blue, ha.

It’s a beautiful bag and discretely conceals all of the expensive gear inside, which is perfect when traveling.

Audrey Lu is the ideal size for my needs, and fits my gear plus my “purse” items so I can leave my purse at home. Two big things that set it aside from other camera bags on the market- it’s a real leather & the inside housing is removable & thick.


The leather smells wonderful & is extremely soft. The housing is well padded so I have no concerns when my gear is in there.

I’m not super gentle  when I move my bag and set it down, so it’s good to know that the padding is a solid half inch thick on all sides AND the bottom (plus the padding of the actual bag).

There are two outside pockets on the front, great for purse items, extra batteries, cards, etc. Two end pockets with no top closure- perfect for slipping my lib balm in one end and my phone in the other. Easy access during sessions. There’s one large zippered pocket on the other side where I keep my calendar, but it’s the perfect size for a tablet/iPad. Last zippered pocket is inside the bag. Shoulder straps are slightly longer so it’s easy to get into the bag while it’s still on my shoulder. Body strap is long enough for the bag to sit comfortably on my hip (I’m 5’3″).

Here’s my review:

Shipping was quick for being an international order- ordered on the 4th and it got here on the 11th.

Box was pretty damaged with a big tear in it, so I was a little worried about the bag inside. The bag fills the box completely with no extra room. The tear in the box, also tore the plastic bag the camera bag was in, but thankfully didn’t damage the camera bag. So I’m not completely happy about their shipping methods.


Audrey Lu comes with a cute dust bag & inner bag. Perfect for when I’m not using it.


Most of the metal loops came with blue protective tape, some did leave some residue that I’ll have to clean off. Shoulder strap came nicely wrapped in tissue paper.


There are 3 moveable dividers & two end tabs that help with removing the housing. Love the blue and white stripes!


The outside pocket is also lined with stripes and fits my calendar/appointment book perfectly!


I removed one of the dividers and repositioned the other two. My camera fits in the middle with a 50mm 1.2 attached, eye glasses case & 85mm 1.8 fit in one end, and my wallet fits in the other with plenty of room to spare.

I repacked it to fit an extra 5d body, and there will be room for one more big lens when I shoot weddings. End total- 3 lenses, 2 bodies, wallet, phone, tablet, batteries, cards, and room to spare. It’s got plenty of space!

It is a bit heavier than my last bag, but the extra padding is well worth it. It sits comfortably on the shoulder and I could only see the weight becoming noticeable when using all day (like a wedding).


Overall, I’m thrilled with the bag & can’t wait to see how it holds up long term! I’m confident it will handle well for the next several years. It’s got lots of room, and you can take the housing out if you want to use it solely for a purse/diaper bag/travel bag.


real leather

lots of room/storage: 4 zippered pockets, 2 open pockets

padded housing is removable & comes with 3 dividers

quality stitching and craftsmanship

versatile use between camera bag, purse, diaper bag

metal feet on the bottom


(more like tradeoffs- you can’t have everything!)

cost- higher than many other camera bags on the market –> worth it

weighs just under 5lbs –> worth it

I’ll update this in 6 months or so & let you know how it holds up! Hopefully this helps you if you’re considering buying one! Feel free to leave questions in the comment area (:

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{In Front of the Camera}

Honesty time- I hate being in the picture. I love being a photographer, so I can be behind the camera. Since high school, I’ve gained a lot weight, and that’s just added to the desire of not having this weight gain captured in time. But I’ve also gained precious people in my life since then that I simply don’t have enough photos with. There’s a solid two year chunk where my husband and I maybe have one photo together. And my niece? She turned two in October and I’d be lucky to find 10 photos. Lately,  so many around me have been faced with a tragic, unfair, and devastating losses. Something new pops up on my facebook newsfeed every week and my heart breaks. My job is not about the pictures but the people in them. It’s about connecting with them & sharing in a small part of their journey. Giving them memories to look back on, and smile, cry, laugh… I know all too well how precious these photographs can be when someone is taken from this life too early.

So here’s my charge to you- get in front of the camera and don’t be grumpy when you do. Whether it be cell phone pictures or hiring a professional photographer to update the family photos- do it. Before you know it, your children will be grown, and you’ll realize just how few photos they have of YOU with them. You don’t have to share them with the world, you can keep them in a box. But take them, store them, allow your loved ones to have tangible memories of life together. Celebrate your journey, don’t edit yourself out of it. You are beautiful, no matter what weight you’re at, or what your hair looks like, or how pale you are in the dead of winter. Your kiddos don’t care about those thing, they just care about you.


Caitlin E - Amen! And challenge accepted! It’s so easy to just be the one taking the photos, especially as a non-professional with a “fancy” camera. I, too, need to get better at just putting the camera on auto and handing it to the person next to me, because my kiddos need pictures with their Mommy too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Rose Hagen - That is beautiful Kaitlynn and really hits home with me! I do the same as you, taking the pics, never wanting to be in them.

Amy Lafleur - that is so true very wise word Kaitlynn.. Thank you for sharing this with us…..

Jennifer Pettit - sigh, point taken Wise One. I pledge to do better. Thank you for the reminder! hugs.

Mark Rudberg - i love you, my daughter.

Jennifer Canan Miller - Sooo well put – and very true. Thanks!

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